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Darice Beads

By Maria Jones                                                    25th November 2013

Darice Inc, based in Ohio, USA, are recognised as one of the world’s industry leaders in the provision of a variety of products for art and crafts enthusiasts. One of the company’s main product lines is beads, and these are available in a plentiful variety.

The use of beads in design and artwork has been with us for many centuries, and dates back as one of the oldest skills known to man. In today’s world, the range of beads available makes this an exciting and very varied hobby to follow.

Beads enthusiasts will know that there are many ways of using beads.  A few skilled people are interested in making their own, using their creative abilities to produce special creations. However, to be able to make your own requires the necessary tools for the trade, as well as the skills, and these are clearly not available to everyone.  The solution therefore is to use ready made beads such as the variety supplied by Darice Inc.

Many people simply like to collect beads, building a large collection to show off the many types of beads available. And then there is the largest group of bead users, those for whom beads are the means to decorate, whether that is an item of jewellery, clothing or simply a picture. And of course, decorative beads are a way for adults and children alike to enjoy having some fun. For many people, the use of beads is a way to express their creativity, but for very many and especially children, the beads will bring hours of fun and entertainment, as beads are carefully applied to produce the finished article.

Video - Beginners Guide to Tools

The beads themselves are made from a range of materials, the most popular being plastic, but they are also available in wood, glass, clay, metal and semi-precious stones.  Glow in the dark beads are a new option available to add a slightly different effect on the crafter’s work.  In the same way that there are many types of beads, then they are also available in a wide variety of sizes, and the many different sizes can accommodate a whole host of uses and effects with beads.

Beads are also available in many different shapes.  While most people would expect beads to be rounded, they are however available with flattened sides – to assist in gluing to paper, for example, or ironing onto clothes – tubular, doughnut shaped, seed-shaped, oblong, cylindrical or flattened, so whatever shape you want then it will be available.  They can be solid or hollow, and many will remember or know the fun that can be had by simply threading hollowed beads on to string to make a necklace, a bracelet or some similar decorative item.

And as all creative people know, the final part of the making process is the colour, to give life to the effects being sought.  The colour range for beads is endless from the usual rainbow and pastel colours through to metallic, shiny looks, to the myriad colours of semi-precious stones.

The use of beads is an enjoyable craft and there are many ways to enjoy your crafting fun. Enjoy!